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For a look that is either subtle or showy!

  • The Problem

      Let's face it: it's hard to find a belt that fits perfectly. It may be a little too long, belt loops may be positioned less than ideally, weight loss, weight gain, we're human. The fit changes with what we wear and when we choose to wear it, unfortunately our favorite belt isn't as adaptable as we are and no real belt flap fix worth wearing exists. What are our options: double-stick adhesive needed, cobblers, cutting, unfashionable and outdated belt keepers... well no more.  

  • The Creator

      Out of necessity, Brooklyn-based creative Swalé put his ingenuity into practice to design and develop Beltbar®. 

    "We all appreciate
    a good belt, and when we find one we love - especially one that's worn-in perfectly – we want it to fit forever." A savant of human creativity, with an innate knack for design and his own unique sense of style he created a modern, practical, yet fashionable accessory that not only solves the problem but also enhances personal style.  

  • The Solution

    Fashion's latest innovation, Beltbar®, is the belt flap fix. The adaptable belt keeper with an adjustable belt loop. Simple, stylish and above all practical. Beltbar® solves the problem of belt flap by perfecting a secure fit around your waist every time. Its patented 2 way expansion technology allow Beltbar® to provide a custom fit across belt sizes, expanding and contracting for a secure fit every time. With a selected collection of colors, you can add a little splash to your outfit or simply blend in with it . Subtle yet stylish, functional fashion. Every belt needs a Beltbar®.

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